Himel Dance Conservatory is the ONLY pre-professional Russian Vaganova-based ballet program on the Westbank of New Orleans. We offer the finest in ballet and musical theatre choreography instruction in the area. Himel Dance Conservatory  instructs the “whole dancer” utilizing the world-renowned Russian Vaganova method. Students who finish the Himel Dance program will have the opportunity to have careers in dance or dance education if they choose to do so.


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  1. I have known the owner of this dance studio, Brydie Himel, for over twenty years, and I can attest to her abilities as a dancer and teacher. Mrs. Himel is an accomplished ballet dancer who studied under a master in his field of Russian ballet. She has an inate ability to teach the youngest and the oldest of dancers with care and compassion. If you want your child to succeed in dance, then the Himel Dance Conservatory is the only place to send your daughter or son to learn from a truly beautiful dancer. Also, if you are an older person who would like to learn ballet or just soothe your mind and body, then this studio is the best place for you. I say all of this, not because I’ve known Brydie Himel for so long, I say it because it is the truth. The Himel Dance Conservatory is the only studio anyone should choose for their child or themselves.


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