Pre-Ballet thru Ballet III:

  • Girls: Basic black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes. Skirts and tutus are not allowed. Hair must be worn up in a bun. Short hair must be secured away from face.
  • Boys: Black ballet or jazz shoes, black or white socks, black athletic or yoga pants (no sweat pants please), white T-shirt. Boys may wear black athletic shorts in the summer.
  • Faculty will advise parents on appropriate point shoe fit and brand when dancers begin pointe.

Ballet IV, V, and Adult Ballet

  • Appropriate leotards, tights, and ballet shoes. Dancers in this level may wear dance gear in varying (subdued) colors. Legwarmers and other professional accessories are allowed for these levels. Male dancers must have proper jazz or ballet shoes.
  • Female dancers must secure hair in a bun. Male dancers should secure long hair in a ponytail. Female dancers with shorter hair should secure hair away from face.

All dance wear and gear can be purchased directly from the Himel Dance Conservatory Revolution Dance Wear Catalog:

Digital Revolution Catalog full


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