• Pre Ballet: This class is for students aged three and up. (Children who are motivated and potty-trained can be accepted into this level after faculty assessment.) Pre ballet introduces the student to basic ballet positions, terminology, and movements. Students learn how their bodies can move as a unit and how they can move different parts of their bodies separately yet in unison. Ballet movements are learned through a structured play environment with musical accompaniment.
  • Ballet I/I B: This class is for students who are at least 5 or have had a one year minimum of pre ballet if under five. Ballet I expands on the movements and terminology of pre ballet and adds the element of the “Barre” to the classes. At this level, students also learn that the exercises have a “left” and “right” side and start to incorporate the basic head movements associated with the Vaganova method. Ballet I further expands the basics of the Vaganova method and adds exercises that will prepare the students for more difficult steps in the future such as turning and travelling. Please note: Children do not actually turn at this level-this level ensures that when the faculty has determined that the student is prepared to move up, that the student is adequately prepared to safely execute the exercises and steps presented in Ballet II. The Ballet IB class is for students on the cusp of the next level who are ready to start attempting basic turns and variations. Ballet IB placement is through teacher recommendation only.
  • Ballet II: This level typically consists of students who are at least 7 years old and have had a minimum of two years of ballet. Students at the Ballet II level are REQUIRED to attend twice a week. Students typically remain at this level for several years. At the Ballet II level, students are participating in a full barre exercise (usually 45 minutes), plus practicing floor exercises and traveling techniques that will prepare them for performances and more complex variations. Students begin to undertake basic turns at this level and should have a good grasp of proper technique. Entry into this level is determined by faculty and requires an assessment of the student.
  • Ballet III: Ballet three is for students who are 11 and older. This level is an intermediate level of dance and includes the preparatory exercises for pointe. Students at this level are required to take 2 ballet classes AND a beginner/preparatory pointe class. At this level, students should have a good working knowledge of the Vaganova method, terminology, and required technique. At this level technique is practiced and perfected. The students participate in more advanced exercises and body positioning and movement. The students will practice a basic variation once a week to prepare them for stage presentation.
  • Ballet IV and V: These levels are for the advanced, pre-professional student. Students are required to attend 2 one and a half hour ballet classes plus an advanced pointe class. Ballet V students are also required to attend an additional variation class. The variation class is open to ballet IV, but not a requirement.
  • Adult Ballet: This class teaches the Vaganova method in a judgment-free zone! Adults of all skill levels are welcomed to this fun yet challenging class that promises to offer the maximum in core strengthening, muscle development, and flexibility training.
  • Core Strength and Stretch: This is an intensive core strengthening and stretch class offered to adults and advanced students. The first half of the class are ballet-based exercises performed at the barre utilizing ballet techniques and repetition. The second half of the class focuses on intensive stretching. This class guarantees results and is perfect for anyone looking to increase their strength, improve tone, eradicate “problem” areas, and accept a challenge!
  • Adagio: An adult class focusing on balance. core, flexibility, and extension. This class is perfect for martial artists, swimmers, dancers, and anyone trying to improve the above mentioned areas. This is the dancer’s version of pilates and yoga!!!!

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  1. Hello, is there a particular time to register for the adult ballet classes? Or can you drop in the program at any time? I haven’t taken ballet classes in a couple years but I have some knowledge.


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